Your Mission If You Choose To Accept It: To Experience More Ease & Connection In Your Relationship Within 6 Week or Less!

(Even If You can’t agree on anything, you feel like you’ve lost each other, or you’re struggling to trust them)



They reacted (again).


You’re instantly CAUGHT IN THAT CYCLE that leaves you feeling…







You have some BIG FEELINGS & big thoughts that you desperately want them to JUST UNDERSTAND!!


Because, if they did, WOULD’NT THEY FINALLY GET IT!? 


Wouldn’t they finally change, FINALLY MOVE CLOSER, & give you the CONNECTION & COMFORT YOU’VE BEEN NEEDING!?

And you just DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY…


It’s like your mind just goes blank & you’re STUCK INSIDE. 


You know your partner thinks you’ve shut down and you don’t care. 

But CAN’T THEY JUST UNDERSTAND that you’re stuck because YOU CARE SOOO MUCH?


I mean, can’t they see YOU’RE TRYING SO HARD!?


YOU’RE WORRIED you’re going to get it wrong and screw it up again. 

In reality, you’re worried YOU’LL NEVER BE ENOUGH.




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Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

"They expect I should just know everything they want. I CAN'T READ THEIR MIND!"

"I'M A THINKER & THEY'RE A FEELER, what more do I need to say. It feels impossible!"

"We got a messy past & I just CAN'T TRUST THEM."

"I just want to talk things out, but THEY NEVER WANT TO TALK!"

"We MANAGE the KIDS & LIFE pretty well. US?? More like ROOMMATES, NOT LOVERS."


A Mediocre Relationship Is Easy.

A Secure, Authentic & Satisfying Relationship Where You Feel Appreciated and Connected Takes More Than Just Effort.

(and you already know that, because you've done that)

What you probably don’t know...

are the specific skills you need to transform your relationship.

The Connection & Conflict Blueprint

Where Busy Couples Experience More Ease, While Feeling Appreciated, Secure & Connected.

Discover How To Communicate Effectively.


Feel appreciated, secure & connected, even if your partner doesn’t want to talk, you can’t get on the same page about anything & intimacy is an issue. 



Create breakthrough in your relationship in the comfort of your own home with the Connection & Conflict Blueprint online course. 


Get our tried and tested, step-by-step process that has worked for so many couples just like you.


This is the same process we use in our couples therapy and workshops, just condensed into a six-week course. 


You can stop struggling and start connecting with ease in 2 weeks or less.

We Get It. We've Been There Too...

You Are Not Alone. Crazy. Defective. Too Much. Hopeless.

Led by Us – Angelina & Jeremy

Angelina and Jeremy Berlin, M.S, LMFT, APCC

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Relationship Coach


We were a typical couple who struggled to make our relationship flow with ease. We were caught in endless cycles of attack & retreat–fighting to be understood. It felt hopeless as the gap of disconnection widened even further. 


After pouring though decades of research, we discovered the 21 relationship skills! And after training in them, they helped us create a truly thriving relationship that we never thought possible. Once we found the blueprints that empower relationships to experience lasting connection, security and ease, our whole world changed. 


As your relationship guides, we get how hard it can be. We’ve been there too and we are right here with you on the journey. You can develop the 21 relationship skills that create lasting connection!  

The Connection & Conflict Blueprint

Content & Schedule Roadmap

Here’s the essential skills you will develop during our 6 weeks together. We’ve made each and every lesson easy to consume & understand… and easy to put into action (the most important part!) so that you can start making progress from Day 1.

Module 1

Recognize Communication Styles

Come Away With: 

A deep understanding of your specific relationship communication style; your partner will discover how to communicate with you based upon your style, to how your communication style affects your sex life.

Module 2

Restore Connection Circuits

Come Away With: 

Discover how this secret circuit in your brain rules all your relationships and interactions; and how to use it to create order and connection, even in chaos

Module 3

Identify Your Conflict Blueprint

Come Away With: 

The exact blueprint of what create conflict  & connection within your specific relationship. Simply follow the connection blueprint and you will experience more intimacy, ease, & appreciation!

Module 4

Identify Needs

Come Away With:  The ability to see beyond the surface of what’s going on between you two, to the deeper needs waiting to be met.

Module 5

Cultivate Joy

Come Away With: 

The superpower of all relationship skills that will prove to build your individual & relationship strength and resiliency, while having fun doing it!

Module 6

Cultivate Rhythms of Calm

Come Away With: 

The experience and ability to effectively calm  while building more trust and safety within your relationship as its grounded in this new skill!

Plus These Bonuses!

Bonus #1
6-months Access to the Couples Lounge

Bonus #1 is 6-months Access to the Couples Lounge, an exclusive group space where our community connects. A place to find encouragement & support along the journey.

Bonus #2
My Secret Weapon: Productivity & Energy Training

Bonus #2 is My Secret Weapon: The Scientific Way to Get More Energy and be more productive. This is Jeremy’s personal energy playbook for working efficiently, with more creativity, without feeling utterly exhausted  at the end of the day.

"Through working alongside Jeremy & Angelina, I have been able to build strong relationships based in joy and mother my kids from a place of peace. Joy has been the key to my healthy marriage and motherhood. It is through the practicing of the skills that I was able to default to joy and let the skills strengthen my relationships."
Kara M.
Tulsa, OK

Here's What You'll Get When You Join Us

Total Value = $1,797


Get It Today For Just $697



Almost nothing in life that’s worth doing comes with a guarantee that you simply can’t lose. But that’s what this guarantee is. It’s my personal guarantee that, even if this is new to you, even if this is out of your comfort zone.


If you are unhappy with The Connection & Conflict Blueprint couples program in anyway, we offer a 14 day FULL money back guarantee! So you are COMPLETELY PROTECTED to take the next step in having the relationship you deserve!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking:

"I can do this on my own."


"Time will make our problems go away."


"A vacation will make our problems all better."

You and your relationship are worth it! 

Don’t wait another day as more energy, resources & time are lost.

"1 Week and our relationship have already significantly improved. Having a vocabulary and set of tools to start with has been really helpful. It feels like there are some real positive changes in our dynamic already. So excited to continue!"
Sean M.
Sacramento, CA


Most frequent questions and answers

First we suggest using your spirit of curiosity to openly get to know what they might be concerned about in developing your relationship in this way. Secondly, validate their concerns, whatever they may be. Third, let them know that you see ways in which you could both develop in your relationship together and that they are not the problem, nor do they need to be fixed. It’s just a “let’s be our best selves together” type of a thing!
It’s like a car, if you defer maintenance over a long period of time, the engine will start to break down.

Yes, though we do not have an app, this course is designed to function seamlessly on mobile devices. Just access it in the same way you would on a desktop computer.

The course is designed to take 6 weeks, but you can go through it at your own pace as you have access for the lifetime of the program. We aren’t going anywhere and are here to support you! We recommend doing one module a week, besides the introduction. It should take about 1.5 to 2 hours a week to watch the videos and do the exercises.

This online course in video based and for those who need accessible resources, we are providing transcripts, video captions and lots of resources for you to process the journey together!
In each module there are 3 sections: 1. What this skill is and how to develop it. 2. Resources for helping you process these skills. 3. We take it off the screen and into an interaction between you and your partner with guided exercises for the two of you!

You have a full 15 days to decide whether or not you want to keep it, or return it for a full refund. Yes, that’s right, we are giving you a full 15 days so you can have complete peace of mind. 

The first module of the course will be released Monday January 10th! And new module will be released every Monday for 6 weeks!

This program is based upon your unique communication styles and once you understand those, all the pieces start to fall into place. 

This course doesn’t just help you understand your dysfunctional relationship patterns, it gives you a language for getting on the same page as your partner, and the skills for actually creating positive changes. We’ve create a safe, positive environment for you to work on your relationship patterns without shame, so you can get the love you really want. 

This course is based on the latest developments in mindfulness, body-mind learning, neuroscience and the field of couples therapy. It is done step by step, based on our proven process. In the course Angelina & Jeremy share their own challenges and give you simple, down to earth advice and practical tools.

Once your on the inside, we have a surprise opportunity for you to revitalize your sexual and intimate life together ;)

“We have done a lot of work over the past 10 plus years, so I wouldn’t say we were in a hard place, and its amazing to see how we went from better to best! I now feel more connected, more aware, more inspired! These skills overflow into all relationships, feeling so much more connected, present, attuned, calm and joyful!"
Jessica L.
Redding, CA

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