How To Communicate Effectively While Feeling Connected, Loved & Appreciated By Your Partner

Even if Your Partner “Doesn’t Want To Talk”, You Can’t Agree on Anything or You’re struggling to trust them

End the cycles of disconnection and despair

Find true Connection 

what we do

why we do it



What we do

What is the Joy Couple?

We train couples and families in the necessary relationship skills for creating joyful relationships that are truly satisfying. We walk with you in building strong bonds based upon newfound trust, love and respect. The training provided assists individuals in building confident identities, building resiliency, joyful connections and secure attachments that have the power to stand the test of time. 

why we do it

This is personal

We have been burnt by the flames of anger and bitten by the bitter cold silence in the absence of Joy & Connection. We equip couples and families to thrive in their marriage and relationship because LIFE IS ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS. We do this to model for our children what life is all about and to provide them with the skills necessary to effectively change the generations to come. 

By investing in the training and skills necessary for your own relationship you will in-turn pass them on to any children you might have (biological or otherwise). The choice to invest in your relationship and gaining the necessary relationship skills is one that will not just affect you and your parter, but will change the generations upon generations that will come from your partnership. You will be investing in the future of your children in gaining the skills to train them how to thrive in life and relationships


What they say

Kara Moseby 

CEO of 

Joy has been the key to my healthy marriage and motherhood. Through working alongside Jeremy and Angelina the last few years in my joy journey, I have been able to build strong relationships based in joy and mother my kids from a place of peace. One thing that is crucial about joy practice is that it is not just knowledge, but you walk through and practice the skills together. It is through the practicing of the skills that I was able to default to joy and let the skills strengthen my relationships. 

Clara parker


These 2 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced your business, so they should focus on how great the products are and why they are worth trusting.

About Us

Angelina Berlin


I am Angelina Berlin, a wife, a mom, a dental hygienist, a relationship coach, and another soul on this journey of living as my best self, learning to love others well. 

Jeremy Berlin


I am Jeremy Berlin, I am a lover of Joy and connection within relationships, a husband, a father, a 4 time entrepreneur, transformational coach, associate professional clinical counselor, and licensed marriage & family therapist.